Friday, September 24, 2010

Coffee Thoughts & Reflections

One year ago today, my husband and I became homeowners! Looking back, I still can't believe we actually bought this house. We still absolutely love it. Sure, we still have lots of things we want to do to it (paint, replace flooring, build a deck) but we have also already gotten a lot done in this short, crazy year! So far we have put up a privacy fence, replaced the roof (still a very sore subject with me), changed out some light fixtures and we have done some minor landscaping. We don't always want to live in FL, but this was a GREAT first home for us and we are looking forward to at least another 5-8 years of memory-making, happiness and Im sure even some blood, sweat and tears here in our first family home!

Tomorrow is also a milestone day. Rob and I will have bit the marraige bullet six years ago tomorrow! The past six years have been one hell of a ride! We have walked through fire together and our marriage has come out stronger and better because of it. We have been put through things and situations together that most people don't go through in twenty years of marriage let alone six. We drive eachother completely crazy, but at the end of the day, when I lay my head down next to his, I know I am right where I belong and there is nowhere else I would rather be.

Rob started back to school this semester. It has been a rough adjustment for all of us. He is only taking two classes, but they are three nights a week and require a lot of study time when he is home. He is doing so very well (even though he is completely overworked, stressed and sleep deprived) and I am so very proud of him! It has been an adjustment for Madison too. Two days a week, she doesn't even get to see Rob. He leaves for work before she gets up and he doesn't get home from class until she is already in bed. She has been a trooper though and she understands that Daddy is at school and he will come in and give her kisses when he gets home. I try to do fun things with her on nights that he has class. We go to the park or have a picnic in the backyard or have a girly movie and nail night. I know he is doing this to better himself and our family. It may be rough for a few years, but it will all be worth it in the end!

For the past week, I have been sick with what I thought was just a cold. Problem is, I kept getting worse. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and Im glad I did. At first, he thought I might have Whooping Cough... Okay, kinda scary... But thank God, I was vaccinated as a child and I do not have Whooping Cough! Apparently, I had a virus that turned into a massive infection. My lymph nodes, throat and ears are all infected. I have spent the past four nights coughing, maybe getting at best, four hours of sleep. Last night I though for sure would be better. When I finally got my prescriptions (a Z-Pack and Tylenol with Codeine) home, ate some dinner, popped in a movie with the hubs and waited for them to kick in, I honestly thought I would be getting some sleep. Silly me... I spent another night coughing up my lungs. Finally around the time Rob left for work this morning (my poor husband hasn't gotten any sleep due to my hacking either) I was able to get some rest. The coughing had stopped enough that I was able to sleep for about four hours uninterrupted. Madison is staying the weekend with Rob's parents. Hopefully, I can get some good rest and recover from this crap! Maybe I will start to feel better today and I will actually be able to enjoy my anniversary tomorrow! Keep your fingures crossed for me!

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